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What is The Best USB Flash Drive?

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Its not possible to specify a best USB flash drive brand or model ‘for all time’ because technology continues to improve and conditions by which the drives are made. Brands are less helpful, factories can sell the same core parts, or whole units that others just label as their own. A good design can be hamstrung by poor manufacturing, or simply a poor batch run during its lifetime because of a supplier problem. Manufacturers continue to consolidate, buy each other out, new ones made and so on and overall affect the product quality, for good or bad. Management can change and a good brand can go bad, or bad go good. Prices are affected by inventory versus demand, over production or under production, or change in country of origin, one brand can be cheaper than an equal brand and the conditions then change a time later.

You can create criteria that the best should meet and use that criteria ‘for all time’ and compare one drive against another :

Key features:


The fastest read speed

The fastest write speed

Higher number of write cycles before failure


wear leveling firmware can spread wear evenly on all blocks

cycle life of the USB connector

IPX qualified drive body

LED, i.e., status annunciator

built in encryption

read only hardware switch


Compare the USB of famous brands



SanDisk the best usb drive

This device can transfer a full-length SD movie in about 10 seconds, 50x faster than USB 2.0 drives and even lapping most competing USB 3.0 drives. With read speeds topping 245 Mb/s and write speeds of almost 200 MB/s, this drive outperforms most of its competition. It also comes with AES 128-bit encryption and RescuePRO data recovery software. While it is a bit long at 2.8 inches, it is made with durable plastic and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Kingston the best usb drive 128G

Kingston SE9 G2 is the first best usb drive in my list all the way from Kingston. It comes with a beautiful design as you can see in the picture. The USB flash drive can resist against bumps and drops as it’s covered with aluminum case. It comes with a key ring that can fit in almost every keychain. Kingston SE9 G2 is capless and the device is 4.5cm long and 0.5cm wide which makes it super tiny.

Talking about the data traveler speed, it comes with the USB 3.1 which makes it fast. The flash drive has the 114MB/s read speed and 17MB/s write speed. I personally have no issues with the speed. It works perfectly for me. The USB drive is supported by almost every latest operating system such OSx, linux and windows


Samsung the best usb drives 128g/64g

You need a fast flash drive and the his is the Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo is the drive that you need for these simple reasons; The one piece body is solid, it’s a lightweight an still looks gorgeous. Secondly, USB end is sturdy enough to withstand that heavy use. Thirdly it comes with a little hole can be used to attach to a key ring if necessary. The drive is inclusive of both micro and standard USB connection.

Like most premium flash drives from Samsung in the market today, it is made from the superior NAND Flash Technology. The device is not just that; it is made in a technology that makes it proof to several potentially dangerous conditions like, shock, temperature and X-Rays. Also it is magnetic proof and water proof. It is made in a Slim, Sophisticated Metallic Design which makes it easy to handle.


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