Best USB Flash Drives (Pendrives) 2018 - Fast and Secure Storage

Best USB Flash Drives (Pendrives) 2018 – Fast and Secure Storage

USB Flash Drive

The pen drives or USB memories is one of the most used, convenient and fastest storage methods. Although it is not really a storage method with greater capacity since it is limited to 256 GB, it is useful to get us out of a bind. In the following article we show you some of the best pen drives for 2018 :

1. Kingston DTSE9H 32 GB

Kingston DTSE9H 32 GB

The first thing we can notice with this model is its elegance , and is that with a finish made in metallic style, and is telling us very well where you want to aim Kingston with this model.

Bringing elegance and durability , what this memory represents is: the perfect accessory so that we can carry our information everywhere in the comfort of our pocket, also being one of the smallest models of pen drive there is.

Kingston focuses on highlighting the compatibility of this small device, making the dimension that it serves with the new Intel Ultra book, as well as with any type of laptop that has a USB port .

Its casing is quite resistant , so we do not have to be very concerned about the blows that this pen drive can carry when it is loaded in our bag or simply in our pocket, giving you the freedom to use it wherever you go.

It has a very practical capacity , because with 32 GB we can be a little more comfortable to store documents or pass information from one side to another, this depends on what your needs, but in general it will be quite useful for most.

Its bow, as well as all the material of its casing, is also quite resistant , which allows us to carry it in a more comfortable and secure way in some tape hanging from the neck or together with the key ring of our keys.


  • Practical and comfortable design.
  • Good capacity
  • Excellent compatibility .


  • Hard disk interface 2.0.
  • There may be certain heating problems when using it for a long time.

2. Samsung MUF-32BA

Samsung MUF-32BA

Next, we do not lower the quality at all, since we have a Samsung model , which has certain qualities that can make it our ideal purchase option.

On the one hand, there is its magnificent design , which they themselves catalog as the perfect mix between performance and aesthetics , we can realize that the files are transferred in a much faster and immediate port speed.

Being a USB 3.0 memory, it can reach a speed of 130 MB / s , which will only take seconds to pass files from your computer to memory or vice versa.

All this is accompanied by a beautiful metallic design , which was made in such a way to be quite comfortable to use and resistant. It has multilevel protection, you can be much calmer, since you will not lose your information due to shock, magnetism, extreme temperatures, water or X-rays.

The incredible build quality is complemented by a five-year warranty, which can give you an idea of ​​how safe Samsung’s should be with this device.

In conclusion, we could say that this is the perfect tool to complement your office, or if you are looking for a good USB memory that is capable of lasting several years, and also allowing you to have your files at any time.

This memory of last generation cannot go unnoticed for all those who want to be updated with the latest technological trends.


      • A beautiful and elegant design .
      • Its construction is quite strong , able to protect against any unforeseen.


      • Its velocity performance 0 could be described as medium to low.

3. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth v2 64 GB.

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth v2 64 GB.

We continue to add some variety to our list, and now we will stop at a manufacturer that has been present for many years in the manufacture of USB drives and other electronic devices that we use every day.

Corsair knows that your files and the information that you decide to save in the USB memory are quite important , that is why with this particular model they seek to protect and keep the storage unit safe.

With an anodized aluminum casing , which is of aeronautical quality, it is completely possible that you can submerge it up to 200 meters in water, as well as providing resistance to vibration and shock.


      • Its design makes it quite resistant .
      • The performance is quite good and fast.
      • It has up to 5 years of warranty .


      • It could improve the speed MB / s of writing.

4. LaCie XtremKey 64 GB.

 LaCie XtremKey 64 GB.

In this opportunity we will review a model of USB memory that comes from the hand of a company that perhaps is not the best known worldwide, but you can see one of its models if you go to a specialized technology store, we are talking about LaCie .

One of the goals behind the construction of this small device was to create the most sturdy storage unit today . We can realize this by noting all the tests to which this model was subjected during its development.


      • It presents an attractive design, practical and with industrial air.
      • Its ultra-resistant casing gives it greater durability .
      • It provides us with a quick capacity to read information.
      • It is of a very loose capacity, being able to store up to 64 GB of data.


      • You can get to feel like a pen drive quite robust and heavy to handle.
      • It is quite expensive, taking into account its capacity.
      • You cannot exceed the resistance to blows much.

5. SanDisk Ultra Fit 32 GB.

 SanDisk Ultra Fit 32 GB.

Now we go to SanDisk, this must be one of the best known companies for the manufacture of pen drives and portable memories in the world, and this time, we will see one of the most interesting models they have to offer us.

The first thing we can notice is the compactness of its design , and that this USB memory model has been designed to be the perfect complement of notebooks, videogame consoles, car audio systems and much more.

Being even smaller than a coin, you cannot believe how comfortable and versatile this unusual USB flash drive can be. As soon as you connect it, you will not notice anything strange, it will stay fixed to the port and start working at a speed of 150 MB / s.


      • Design compact and comfortable .
      • A very affordable price for the capacity it offers.
      • Its reading speed is quite good.


    • Your writing speed could be much better.
    • It can present problems of overheating under intensive use.

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