How Big of USB Flash Drive Should You Buy?

How Big of USB Flash Drive Should You Buy?

USB Flash Drive
Size Minutes of Music Photos (5 megapixels) Documents .MPEG4 Videos
2GB 582 800 51,200 281
4GB 1,164 1,595 102,400 563
8GB 2,328 3,185 204,800 1,126
16GB 4,656 6,370 409,600 2,252
32GB 9,132 12,740 819,200 4,504
64GB 18,624 25,480 1,638,400 9,008
128GB 37,248 50,960 3,276,800 18,016
256GB 74,496 101,920 6,553,600 36,032

USB flash drives are always used to hold copious amounts of photo, music, video, and document files; they can also be used to hold software and apps. one of most important criteria to consider is how much space you need when you purchasing a USB flash drive is size.

USB flash drives can be buy at local electronics stores or online at retailer websites or auctions such as Amazon, eBay etc.

The following sections outline the situations and users who need various amounts of USB flash drive memory.

According to the table above we can be know:

The 2GB USB flash drive can store 800 photos, 582 music., 51200 documents files and 285 videos. The capacity is not too large, you can used it for car audio players or temporary storage.

A 4GB USB flash drive,, having double the storage of a 2GB card, is suited for moderate use. Students who like to keep a backup copy of their documents and projects can get by with 4GB of storage for their entire school career. If you are transferring a small amount of music, photos, or video files, a 4GB USB flash drive should get the job done.

With an 8GB USB flash drive, it store 2318 photos, 3185 music., 204,800 documents files and 1126 videos. 8GB is ideal for business people, students, or those who like to organise years’ worth of records and back them up in a single location.How Big of USB Flash Drive Should You Buy?

If you are transferring large media or data files then you will need more storage capacity. 16GB or 32GB USB flash drive allows users to move thousands of songs between computers. The 16GB space has enough memory to store and transfer large amounts of information. With 32GB of space, you can store several programes and applications.

A 64 GB USB flash drive can hold an incredible amount of information. With this storage capacity, you can safely store millions of documents, thousands of hours of music or up to 25,000 photos. even use it to back up important hard drive partitions from computer.

There are even larger USB flash drive on the market such as 128GB, 256GB, or even 1T. The price of a USB flash drive varies with the size of the storage capacity, and the larger capacity, the more expensive it is. You need to choose according to the actual situation.

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  1. sandisk makes good USB’s. i buy kingston ram, samsung solid states, and sandisk USB’s and things have been going well for me ( although my 1TB samsung partiton table broke after installing kvm hypervisor to it )
    this is a usb 2.0, i also have the 256G 3.0 sandisk USB and so far so good… my PNY usb sticks have failed on me as well as their ram but sandisk I never had a problem.

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