Can I Use the Standard USB Flash Drive on a Type-C USB Port?

Can I Use the Standardard USB Flash Drive on Type-C USB Port?

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Type-C USB ports are quickly catching on. But even as this happens, standard USB devices such as flash drives are still around; and in a big way actually. Many devices, including Apple devices, now come with USB-C ports. The elite technology giant introduced the Type-C USB port with its 12-inch MacBook, which caused a general outcry in the market that wasn’t even aware that this USB standard even existed.

Can I Use the Standard USB Flash Drive on a Type-C USB Port?

Over time this technology will be widely available so that you are not stuck with flash drives that cannot work on your devices without some creativity on your part. But now that you have a standard USB flash drive, how can you go about connecting it to the Type-C USB port on your device? Here is a look at what you can do about this.

How to Use a Regular USB Flash Drive on a Type -C USB Port in 2018

First of all, when we talk of a standard USB port, we area talking about the Type-A USB port, which is an ubiquitous connectivity option in many mobile devices. A standard USB flash drive uses this port. A notable feature of this the USB C plug is that it can be connected to your device without having to flip it to a particular side.

Get an Adapter

Anyway, one thing you can do to make your regular USB port work with a Type-C port is to get a Type-C to a Type-A USB adapter. With this option, the Type-C plug goes into your device, while your flash drive can be connected to the Type-A side of the adapter. Some of these adapters are thoughtfully designed for enhanced portability.

How to Use a Regular USB Flash Drive on a Type -C USB Port in 2018

Get a USB Type-C Hub

There is a huge possibility that you will have issues connecting other devices besides your flash drive to a device that uses a Type-C USB port, which is why you might consider getting a USB C hub instead of an adapter. You will have to compromise on the compactness, but you will have the option of connecting your standard USB flash drive, a microSD memory card, an SD/MMC card, and other devices to your device.Get a USB Type-C Hub

Something You Should Know about Type C USB Ports

Though practically unknown a few years ago, the Type-C USB has started to gain acceptance, especially in the high-end laptop and mobile devices market. In fact, many people are starting to appreciate the benefits of having products that use this kind of port, despite the minor back compatibility issues.

First of all, the data transfer speeds of USB-C ports is much higher. Additionally, this port can be used to replace the standard 3.5 mm audio jack, the HDMI port, the VGA port, the power port because of its faster charging capabilities, and so forth.3.5 mm audio jack

Therefore, using this port, even with your standard USB port flash drive, should offer you the benefit of increased data transfer speeds.

The Future

If your devices are already using a Type-C USB port, you should seriously consider getting a USB Type-C flash drive when you go to buy a replacement. These drives are easier to use, offer better design efficiency, and offer much better data transfer speeds. Furthermore, they will work on a wider range of mobile devices without the need for OTG adapters.

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