How can I move apps to an SD card on a Vivo phone?

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Vivo has already positioned itself as an established Hi-Fi music brand. However, that does not mean that their phones have no limitations. After buying a Vivo phone, you will have to determine your storage needs. Luckily, the phones have the option of expanding and replacing the battery and the internal storage. If you need more storage capacity, than what the manufacturer provides, you will need to go for an external SD card and transfer most of your apps to it.

In most phones, the operating system and the preloaded software take up a large part of the storage capacity. After you begin adding videos, photos and downloading mp3 songs, you will run out of space. To expand the storage capacity, you just need to buy an inexpensive memory card. A quality 32GB card will cost you around $12 and 64GB might cost you around $25. The price might increase to $60 for people who need 128GB SD card, but the 32GB and 64GB will provide adequate space for Android apps storage.

Some important things you should know about extra space addition

How can I move apps to an SD card on a Vivo phone?First, your android device might not allow transfer of the pre-installed application to the microSD card, but if yours allows, you will just need to visit the application manager and press a few buttons. Some newer devices allow transfer of the inbuilt apps – those in the low-range to mid-range hardware category might not allow the transfer. Luckily, they allow the transfer of any other app.

Again, some apps might not move to the SD card entirely. A quick example, some large apps including games leave a large amount of data on the smartphone internal storage. In other words, for a 66MB app you might end up moving 64GB on your microSD card and leaving the remaining 2MB to fill up your Vivo phone. Therefore, if you are planning to use a large number of applications, you should move as many as possible to the external storage to save space.

Moving the apps to an SD card

For Vivo phones boasting Android L and the lower versions, you will easily move the apps. Here are the few steps to follow.

  • Step 1: Go to the iManager (Apps management section) situated under the “Settings” section of your phone. You will find every app already installed in your smartphone. Selection of one of the apps will lead you to the settings section for individual app.
  • Step 2: In the application settings, you will find the “Move to SD card” option. Android detects all the apps you have installed in your SD card and phone’s internal memory.
  • Step 3: Tap on “Move to SD card” option and wait for the whole process to end. The process will take a few seconds for every app.

After moving an app to the SD card, unmount your external SD card and check whether the application is in the menu. To move the application back to the internal memory, mount the microSD card and go to the settings menu.

In-built apps, security apps, games with higher security requirements and input method apps are unmovable to SD cards. Vivo phones featuring Android M and higher versions, Limited by Android 6.0 and the higher versions, do not support transfer of apps to SD cards. However, you will still be able to move documents and media files to you microSD card.

How can I move apps to an SD card on a Vivo phone?

Selecting the best SD card

Ok, since you are still reading, I presume that you should know how to select the best SD card. In your purchase process, you should be able to differentiate the Class 4 SD cards from the slower ones. A quick Google search will provide you with thousands of complain from different people.

Most people complain about their devices unmounting their microSD cards or providing formatting errors. Unlike the other SD cards, Class 4 cards work well with all types of phones. In other words, when buying one, ensure that it is a Class 4 or slower model.

Manufacturers provide Class 4 microSD cards in capacities up to 32GB – around 3 times the phone storage for a 16GB model. The retail price of these cards is below $22. Avoid buying an SD card from the retailer who sold you the phone. They are more likely to exceed the price by nearly 300 percent.

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4 thoughts on “How can I move apps to an SD card on a Vivo phone?

  1. My iManager does not have apps management section. what else can I do just to transfer my apps to sd card?
    I am using Vivo Y81i android version 8.1.0

  2. I use vivo and cannot move any apps to the SD card. This is super unhandy, and will think twice before buying vivo again! Why can’t this ne fixed??? Is it a hardware problem or can it be fixed by a software update. I use android version 6 on a vivo 1606 phone.

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