SanDisk USB Flash Drive Review

SanDisk USB Flash Drive| Review

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SanDisk was founded in 1988 and since then it has become the third largest manufacturer of flash memory products. SanDisk USB flash drives are a great tool for storing and transferring data between devices. All sorts of files from pictures and music, to business and personal files can be stored and protected in these drives. SanDisk USB flash drives offer a variety of styles and features to fit the needs of every consumer.

SanDisk as a company is renowned for their flash drives and for the many features that they provide. Some of these features include:

Great Prices

These storage tools are greatly priced. Prices for SanDisk USB flash drives start as low as five dollars and can go up and even past one hundred dollars depending on the type of drive and the storage limit of the drive. This useful tool is affordable to all buyers.

Tons of Storage

SanDisk USB flash drive storage limits range from 2GB to over 200GB. The most commonly purchased sizes are 16GB and 32GB which are in the $20-$30 price range, but for those that may need less or more storage, there are plenty of SanDisk USB flash drive options.

Password Protected

All of SanDisk USB flash drives come with SecureAccess which lets users create a password protected folder to store any information considered sensitive. The password protection uses 128-bit AES encryption, so it is designed to protect some information. Because the option to password protect your drive only applies to one folder, you can still share other information on the drive without the need for a password.

Variety and Adaptability

There is a wide range and ample variety of USB drives to fit each person, their needs, and their devices. SanDisk USB flash drives come in a variety of prices, storage capability, colors, and they adapt to multiple devices, from computers to tablets, to phones. There are drives to fit all users and some drives are dual so they can fit more than one device making the process of transferring data from devices like Apple to Android very easy. These are some of the reason why SanDisk USB flash drives are a perfect tool for data storage, data protection, and data transfer.

Easy to Use and Availability

SanDisk USB flash drives could not be easier to use. Simply plug them into your device and your device will automatically read the drive and give your prompts on how to proceed. It does not get easier than that. SanDisk USB flash drives are sold everywhere. Thousands of stores like Walmart and Best Buy carry them. Even pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, and convenience stores like 7Eleven carry them. Of course, you can purchase a SanDisk USB flash drive online as well.

What’s Not So Good About SanDisk USB Flash Drives

If your SanDisk USB flash drive becomes damaged, even if only slightly damaged, it might not be read by your computer or other devices. Some consumers have complained that their devices do not read their flash drive and most times this is because minimum operating systems are not met.


Because SanDisk has such wide range of products, it offers global customer care where frequently asked questions are answered, and additional help is provided if needed. All in all, SanDisk is a great company and its flash drives are great products.

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