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USB drive has become indispensable in our lives. It is such a small that you can store thousands of materials. It feels really incredible. The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive is a USB flash drive with USB 3.0 and Micro USB dual interface. It can provide Android users’ smartphones, Pad and computer users with fast data transfer, easy backup and sharing. Capacity can be expanded for mobile devices, so that the lack of memory can be alleviated.

OTG is called on-the-go, and the OTC USB drive of mobile phone is very common. OTG technology can realize the data transmission between different devices without PC as host ‘t’, and supports plug and play and 

hot plug function. In addition to the attractive features of the OTG flash drive, the USB 3.0 also makes it stand out in the popular USB 2.0 OTG device.

SanDisk OTG flash drive has a different shape from a normal USB drive and its quite featured in putters and patterns. The outer casing is made of lightweight plastic material. In addition to the red “Sandisk” logo, the black shape is stable and reliable, and the overall appearance is small and portable.

There is an elongated metal rod covering three sides inn the middle of the flash drive, which actually functions as a lanyard hole, and of course plays a decorative role. Metal-made hanging rods are durable and can effectively protect the flash drive and prevent it from falling. The two interfaces are hidden at the two ends of the flash drive, which can be contracted normally, and the upper lever can be pushed when needed.

If the metal lanyard is used as the demarcation point, the SanDisk OTG flash drive can be divided into two parts, one is a smooth and glossy Micro USB port, and the other is a USB 3.0 port with a honeycomb coating. The Micro USB port is longer than the normal port and takes into account the presence of the protective case. The other end is the USB3.0 interface. The corresponding capacity, origin and environmental protection are printed on the interface. It made in China. The SanDisk OTG flash drive can be read directly from the mobile phone. It does not require additional wires and electric drives. It is very convenient to share backup files, providing users of Android smartphones and PAD, with a convenient way in which photos, videos, and other files are transferred from the device.

With OTG USB device, there is no longer a concern that mobile device storage will not be sufficient. Copy HD movies or music at any time on the flash drive and play it directly on your mobile device, bringing a lot of convenience to your life.

SanDisk  OTG  USB3.0 mobile phone USB drive, read 130MB / sec, (micro-USB and USB dual interface)

When you need to share photos to your friends on their smartphones, you can also use the OTG flash drive to copy and move data. There is no need for an external network, and the original image is downloaded. In short, the OTG flash drive can let users Play multimedia files between your smartphone, tablet and computer, practical and convenient!


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