Way to prevent flash drive from virus

Tips for Use USB Flash Drive


USB Flash drives have become popular of storing and transferring data between computers. However, there will always be some minor problems when people use it, I conclude that some solutions are to problems of use USB flash drive as following:

Way to prevent flash drive from virus

Frist, enter the ‘cmd’ in ‘running’, go to the usb flash drive, and than execute the commands following:

  • mkdir autorun.inf
  • cd autorun.inf
  • mkdir .\a…\\

So you can play the U flash drive virus immunity function. The principle is through the establishment of such an unconventional, and unable to delete the directory of autorun.inf, which makes the virus itself unable to create a file to trigger U flash drive virus, to prevent the U flash drive or worm the function of automatic operation, the method itself does not kill virus function.

Clear the traces of U flash drive

  1. Using Key combination ‘Win+R’ to run ‘runing’, type ‘regedit’ to start ‘regstry’.
  2. Click “Edit – Find” in the top left corner.
  3. Than remove the ‘value’ and ‘data’ option of the tick, just tick ‘items’ only, type “usbstor”, and click find the next.
  4. In the search results given by the system, find the item with ‘x86_usbstor.’, Right-click and select “Delete”.

Can not stop ‘general volume’ device

Solution for unable to stop 'general volume' device

Can I unplug the USB flash drive on this situation? Of course not! If forcibly removed at this moment, it will damage the data with USB flash drive easy. If you have important information on the USB flash drive, it is possible to be destroyed. So what should I do?

  • The first: This is the most common way. Empty your clipboard, or make a file with copy and paste on your hard disk . Then you can see if it has been successfully deleted the USB flash drive.
  • The second: press the keyboard ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + “Del” key combination at the same time, click the “process” tab in the ‘Task Manager’, find the process ‘rundll32.exe’ in the ‘image name’ and select “rundll32.exe” process, then close the ‘rundll32.exe’.

  • The fourth: restart your computer.

USB flash drive cannot be formatted

Solution for USB flash drive cannot be formatted

  1. Right click my computer > storage management > disk management, can be seen the logo of flash drive in the right side of the interface, click on it, select a partition, format and complete the operation follow the prompts, it is expected to solve the problem.
  2. Download the third party software to format USB flash drive.

The USB flash drive cannot create a new folder

usb create a new folder

  1. First check the file system of USB flash drive , the method is very simple, take the USB flash drive connected to the computer, then right click on the USB flash drive, select Properties in the properties window, you can see the file system of USB flash drive.
  2. If the file system display FAT, There may be a problem like this, we can back up important files first, and then format the USB flash drive.
  3. If there’s no problem with the file system, we can try to change the computer to do, or use anther USB interface.



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